Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Honour the Dragon

Well, the models that I posted as works-in-progress have now been finished, based and varnished. Here they are for your dubious pleasure.

A 'Lance' (squad) of House Kurita Battle'Mechs

Thursday, 22 September 2016

A Night on Bare-Metal Mountain

This week I moved to a different provincial city because of work, and must suffer much reduced painting space and time for the next four years. I therefore present a sample of my work from the last few months, which you will note contains only four finished figures (and their bases aren't quite done yet either.)

Left: two peasants from Gripping Beast's civilians range. Right, two Games Workshop marauders from the 90's
Notice how I post the nice 'finished' pic first...

Monday, 19 September 2016

The Saga of Brynhild Wolf-Daughter

Had a game of Warhammer Fantasy with a friend, Yung Payne, last month and I've finally got round to writing up the report! The title comes from my (Wo)man of the Match, who performed far better than my actual General...

The armies line up for Battle as Yung Payne makes some last minute adjustments to his list.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Now (partly) Finished

Well, after a long time I've at last finished the basing on the latest batch of Anglo-Normans, plus made progress on the 'Mechs. I leave work for two months tomorrow, so hopefully updates will become more frequent (some hope).

Archers in a variety of postures, featuring the last of the Wargames Factory torsos.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Not Finished Yet

Again I've had a less productive week, so I have to present only half-finished models this update. Hope you enjoy!

Phoenix Hawk (left) and Stinger (right), both of which seem more or less finished.

The biggest progress has been on the BattleMechs, which I cracked on with over the last couple of days. I've done the Stinger in some very passable urban camouflage, and the Phoenix Hawk in House Marik purple. I'm especially pleased with this choice as the word 'Phoenix' (and, interestingly, 'Phoenician') comes from the ancient Greek word for purple.

Less finished. The Wasp (left) will be done in the brown and yellow of the Eridani Light Horse, the Warhammer (right) will be in a desert scheme. 
The other 'Mechs aren't so far a long, just basecoats and an inkwash on one. It hasn't helped that the Warhammer is rather fragile on some of the joins, and one pair of arms and the spotlight have been lost on my carpet from repeated falls from the chest of drawers. On the positive side, I think the arms now in place look better than the previous ones. 

Nearly finished archers, just need to do the arrows in the quivers.
Other than that, the next lot of Anglo-Normans are slowly approaching completion. I'm rather proud of the highlighting I've done, which seems to improve with practice. I'm also proud that these photos were taken on the Cliff Richard plate that beautifies our living room. 

Less finished horse and spear-carriers, need shields, tack, hair etc.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Big Stompy Battle Reports

My housemate Merlin recently rekindled my interest in BattleTech: big stompy battle robots from the 31st Century. After a few practice games (I won two out of three!) I suggested a full-blown fight between two Lances (4-strong 'Mech units) worth 4,000 points (called 'Battle Value') each. I'm afraid this report might be a bit heavy on the Jargon, for which I apologise in advance.

Team George: (L to R) Hermes-II, Phoenix Hawk, Warhammer (with hastily repaired right arm) and Cicada standing in for a Jenner.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Merry War (Christmas is over)

In a herculean feat of modelling endurance, I have managed to paint the 27 models I received for Christmas in only 4 months!. To celebrate this enormous achievement, I present to you a group shot for your viewing pleasure. 

Models more or less grouped by manufacturer, Perry knights, spearmen and command, Gripping Beast crossbowmen, and crusader spearmen make up the centre.